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Richard P. Bosa - May 19, 1942 -Feb 23, 2005

The Berlin Times Obituary

In Loving Memory: A true friend of America has passed away. Dick Bosa was a man who believed in the spirit of America. He was, at heart, a Founding Father. He was a former Mayor, a highly successful international salesman, and devoted much of his life to the causes of Justice, a free press and a strong economy, particularly in manufacturing. He will be missed by many people all over the world. No one had a larger heart or a deeper love of the United States of America than Richard P. Bosa. He was larger than life and is now moving into his next soul journey. Rest assured, he is already writing letters to the editor, in his trademark style, wherever he is.

Dick Bosa for president

"...he is courageous as any person I know."
-Rick Wenck, Editorial Staff of
The Berlin Daily Sun
Tuesday June 3 1997

Dick Bosa and
The Nature of Dissent


November 11, 1995

"...We especially honor those who died so that the principle of courage, so necessary in today’s competitive world is remembered and honored by our children or those who follow...." - Dick Bosa

"Since I returned to my native state in 1992, I have been speaking out, writing and running for political office on the same economic issues that are usually ignored by the main NH media, that are controlled by special interest groups, that want to keep the people ignorant, submissive and poor." - Richard P. Bosa
Berlin Daily Sun

June 2, 2004

Wealth Drained from NH
June 2, 2004

Think Local...

More To The Editor:
It is Time to Wake Up

June 5, 2004

Internally Destroyed
June 3, 2004

Whatever Happened to Fairness in the Media?
            October 15 , 1992







"My philosophy of brotherhood says that if I cannot vote for anyone running, then I have an obligation to run myself even if the quest is fruitless... ...One must display love for his country in ACTIONS."
- Dick Bosa

Investigating 2004 NH Presidential Primary Campaign Tactics


We the People"We the citizens of New Hampshire having been bestowed with the rights and privileges obtained by our noble revolutionary forefathers after rejecting tyranny in a bitter war, did established in New Hampshire a Constitution in 1784. The articles articulate in clear and concise meaning the foundation of our government which is the will of the people in consent. It is we, 'the people,' who determine basic constitutional law and our elected representatives write the statutes which must conform to the Constitution and the desires of these same people. Our basis in forming this union was to provide security, justice and equality of opportunity by which we all could obtain 'the greatest happiness of the greatest number." - Dick Bosa

"When more states become like New Hampshire with Wal-mart as the largest employer in the state, we will move rapidly into a Third World nation. And this is how it will happen! With the paltry wages of the service industries and Americans becoming too tired and depressed to work two and three jobs as they do today, there will be no money for dry cleaners, grocers and medical care. If history serves as a lesson to us, we will be forced into bartering, just as our forefathers did before us." - Dick Bosa - December 7, 2003

Basic Philosophy

1.) Enforce or rewrite anti-trust laws
to meet today's reality.
Capitalism needs vigorous competition.

2.) Corporate governance - change corporate charters to have social responsibilities and
no rights of citizens;
Registered in the state and headquartered.
Violations of law will be prosecuted to the fullest.

3.) A universal and fair accounting
and tax paying system
with no more favorites of corporate welfare.

4.) Negotiate trade treaties which will benefit
United States citizens, not corporations.

5.) Promote ownership by employee cooperatives
as a defense against multinationals.
The changes are achievable, but we need elected
officials of "we the people"
and not of the special interests.

By not enforcing anti-trust laws and allowing giant mergers, acquisitions and buy outs with less competition drastically lowers JOB potential; moves wealth from the community; makes corporations dominant over citizens; lowers competitive wages; increases pollution in our environment; creates more poverty, unrest, crime, divorces and dysfunctional children.

Click here for more about:
Business, Capitalism and Multinationals





A MESSAGE FROM DICK BOSA (Made in New Hampshire)

President GW Bush (43) has lied, manipulated and sold our country's interests to giant corporations under a philosophy of CORPORATISM which justifies wars of aggression for economic issues (oil), lowers pollution standards, eliminates overtime provisions and family planning, and grants corporate welfare while reducing taxes for the rich.

This president spouted cries of patriotism, although he skirted the draft himself. His deeds do not match his words.

We live in troubled times.

The philosophy of CORPORATISM, as an ultimate goal, is the elite domination of the economies of the world. Corporations influence and control the U.S. congress, government agencies, media, think tanks, important civic groups and both political parties, using campaign contributions, ownership or donations with an agenda of globalization.

A BETTER WAY is proposed, with cooperatives replacing corporations, with shared risk & rewards, with everyone having an opportunity for the American Dream. This is economic, political and social war for truth in government, freedom of mind, body and soul (see the essays page of this site). Life is more than birth, consuming, polluting and death.

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